Border Crisis on STEROIDS

7/20/2023 – Eagle Pass Tx

The Biden administration’s disastrous border policies have unleashed a wave of detrimental consequences that cannot be ignored. Each passing day, millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars are recklessly squandered, while our police forces are stretched thin and their resources depleted. Instead of focusing on their core duty of safeguarding our communities, Texas state troopers, Texas National Guard, local police, and border patrol are being forced to act as mere intake coordinators for illegal immigrants. This diversion of resources not only compromises the safety of law-abiding American citizens but also undermines the vital mission of enforcing robust border security. Witnessing such a flagrant misallocation of resources is not only disheartening but also infuriating, as our hardworking men and women in uniform are being pulled away from their primary responsibility of protecting our borders, all to welcome individuals who have brazenly entered our country unlawfully.