Is California Taking Away The Will Of The Voters?

The tyrannical grip of the state of California was on full display as it launched a lawsuit challenging the voter-identification measure approved by the residents of Huntington Beach. Attorney General Rob Bonta’s condemnation of the measure reflects the state’s overreach and disregard for local governance and the democratic process. Despite the measure being democratically passed … Read more

Non-Binary Activist Arrested After Death Threat To City Council

A video of a left-wing activist went viral over the weekend after she was seen sobbing in a courtroom during her arraignment on numerous felony charges. The activist, 28-year-old Riddhi Patel, was arrested during a Bakersfield City Council meeting for openly making death threats against Mayor Karen Goh (R) and other council members. During the … Read more

Fast Food Workers to Earn $20.00 an Hour in California: Implications for Consumers

Starting Monday, April 1, fast food restaurants in California will be compelled to implement a minimum hourly wage of $20 for their employees, courtesy of Assembly Bill 1228. This contentious move, heavily criticized by skeptics wary of its economic ramifications, and fiercely opposed by stakeholders within the restaurant industry, is poised to inevitably trigger widespread … Read more

Pro-Palestine Mob Attacks Man in NYC

A New York City man, en route to visit his dying mother, faced a harrowing assault by a violent mob amidst a protest outside a Democrat fundraiser for President Joe Biden. The assailants, part of a pro-Palestine group, ignored the man’s urgent plea, audible in the video, that he was rushing to see his ailing … Read more

Fresno City Council Member Miguel Arias Sponsors Palestine Flag Raising In Fresno California.

Fresno City Council member Miguel Arias recently sponsored a flag-raising ceremony at Fresno’s Eaton Plaza, located one block from City Hall, to raise the Palestine flag. Known for his engagement in controversial issues during his tenure on the Fresno City Council, Arias continues to be an active participant in discussions that spark public interest Since … Read more

Mayor Eric Adams (New York City) Admits Illegal Immigration Is Destroying The City!

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has expressed deep concern over what he perceives as an ongoing and seemingly unending issue, stemming from the consequences of President Joe Biden’s open-border policies. During a recent town hall meeting, Mayor Adams voiced his apprehension, emphasizing that this predicament could potentially have catastrophic repercussions for the city he … Read more

Rocklin CA – Far Left Extremist Damages Cars and Tried to Run After Hit & Run

In Rocklin, California, a group of patriotic individuals gathered on Saturday morning to show their support for President Trump by participating in a MAGA drag into Sacramento. The event featured speakers, the recitation of the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, and a group prayer. However, as the participants began to leave the parking lot on Pacific Street, they were met with an unfortunate incident. A car approached and started throwing eggs at the vehicles, continuing to do so as it drove through the parking lot. The situation escalated when the car reversed, collided with one of the vehicles, and attempted to flee the scene. Thankfully, one of the event participants took quick action, blocking the suspects’ car and ensuring they remained until the arrival of the Rocklin Police Department. Approximately four minutes after the first eggs were thrown, the police arrived and charged the two suspects with vandalism, conspiracy, and hit and run. We will provide further updates with additional details soon.