Rocklin CA – Far Left Extremist Damages Cars and Tried to Run After Hit & Run

In Rocklin, California, a group of patriotic individuals gathered on Saturday morning to show their support for President Trump by participating in a MAGA drag into Sacramento. The event featured speakers, the recitation of the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, and a group prayer. However, as the participants began to leave the parking lot on Pacific Street, they were met with an unfortunate incident. A car approached and started throwing eggs at the vehicles, continuing to do so as it drove through the parking lot. The situation escalated when the car reversed, collided with one of the vehicles, and attempted to flee the scene. Thankfully, one of the event participants took quick action, blocking the suspects’ car and ensuring they remained until the arrival of the Rocklin Police Department. Approximately four minutes after the first eggs were thrown, the police arrived and charged the two suspects with vandalism, conspiracy, and hit and run. We will provide further updates with additional details soon.

The Battle of Good vs Evil; California Attorney General Rob Bonta Sues Chino Valley Unified School District.

The recent lawsuit filed by California Attorney General Rob Bonta against the Chino Valley Unified School District is a clear example of the overreach and misguided priorities of both Bonta and the Democratic Party. This lawsuit, which aims to halt the district’s policy of notifying parents when their children change their gender identification or pronouns, is nothing more than an attempt to push a radical agenda onto our schools.

Bonta’s claim that this policy is a “forced outing” of transgender students is not only baseless but also a gross mischaracterization of the situation. The policy simply seeks to ensure that parents are informed about their child’s decisions regarding their gender identity, a decision that can have significant implications for their overall well-being. By notifying parents, the district is allowing them to be involved in their child’s life and provide the necessary support and guidance during this potentially challenging time.

Furthermore, Bonta’s assertion that this policy violates the civil rights of transgender students is completely unfounded. In fact, it is the opposite. By notifying parents, the district is respecting the rights of both the transgender students and their parents. It is allowing for open communication and collaboration between all parties involved, which is essential for creating a supportive and inclusive environment for these students.

It is also worth noting that this lawsuit is not an isolated incident. Bonta has made it clear that he believes other Southern California districts with similar policies will also be affected by this litigation. This demonstrates a disturbing pattern of Democrats attempting to impose their radical ideology on our education system, disregarding the rights and concerns of parents and local communities.

Instead of focusing on important issues such as improving educational outcomes or addressing the mental health crisis among students, Bonta and his Democratic colleagues are wasting time and resources on pushing their own agenda. This is a clear example of misplaced priorities and a failure to prioritize the needs and concerns of the people they are supposed to represent.

In conclusion, the lawsuit filed by California Attorney General Rob Bonta against the Chino Valley Unified School District is a misguided attempt to push a radical agenda onto our schools. This policy, which simply seeks to inform parents about their child’s decisions regarding their gender identity, is a reasonable and necessary step towards creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all students. Bonta and the Democrats should focus on addressing the real issues facing our education system instead of wasting time and resources on their own ideological pursuits.

Tucker Carlson Grills Mike Pence on America’s Decline and Ukraine: Impact on His Presidential Aspirations

Title: Tucker Carlson Grills Mike Pence on America’s Decline and Ukraine: Impact on His Presidential Aspirations

During a recent presidential forum hosted by Blaze TV, political commentator Tucker Carlson engaged in a spirited discussion with former Vice President Mike Pence. The focus of the conversation revolved around the decline of America and Pence’s stance on Ukraine. While opinions on the matter differ, many viewers argue that Pence’s responses during the interview further diminished his already slim chances of securing the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Let’s delve into the key moments and assess the potential impact of his remarks.

The Tucker Carlson interview provided a platform for Pence to express his views on crucial issues affecting the nation. However, some viewers perceived his comments as out of touch and disconnected from the concerns of everyday Americans. In particular, his remarks regarding Ukraine raised eyebrows and added fuel to the criticism that he may be out of step with the current political landscape.

Critics argue that Pence’s approach to Ukraine appeared overly focused, given the multitude of challenges facing the United States. While Ukraine remains an important global issue, viewers expressed disappointment that the former vice president did not prioritize addressing domestic concerns, such as economic recovery, healthcare, and social issues. Some viewers interpreted Pence’s emphasis on Ukraine as a misplaced priority, indicating a potential lack of understanding or awareness of the issues closer to home.

Another point of contention arose when Pence addressed the topic of America’s decline. While opinions on the matter may vary, viewers criticized his responses as lacking nuance and an acknowledgment of the complexities contributing to the perceived decline. Many Americans grapple with various issues such as income inequality, political polarization, and social unrest. Critics argue that Pence’s failure to address these concerns directly left an impression of disconnect, further exacerbating the perception that he may not be in touch with the realities faced by everyday Americans.

For those hoping for a Pence comeback in the 2024 presidential race, the interview was seen as a missed opportunity to resonate with voters and rebuild his image. Critics argue that his performance during the forum not only failed to bolster his chances but potentially sealed his fate in the eyes of many Republicans. The electorate, seeking fresh perspectives and a candidate who addresses their concerns, may view Pence’s comments as an indication of being out of touch with the prevailing sentiment within the party and the nation as a whole.

The presidential forum with Tucker Carlson presented an important platform for Mike Pence to address the concerns of Americans and gauge his viability as a potential candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. However, his remarks, particularly regarding Ukraine and America’s decline, sparked criticism and left some viewers questioning his understanding of pressing domestic issues. The impact of this interview on Pence’s presidential aspirations remains to be seen, but it has undoubtedly raised doubts among those who were already skeptical of his chances. As the 2024 race continues to unfold, it is essential for candidates to connect with voters and demonstrate a clear understanding of their concerns, placing their finger on the pulse of the nation.

Secret Service Gives Up Search On Suspect For Cocaine Found In White House.

The White House cocaine incident, which occurred 11 days ago, has left many perplexed as the investigation conducted by the secret service concluded without identifying the suspect. Given Hunter Biden’s well-known history of drug use, some have speculated that he may have been involved. This incident has raised concerns about how a controlled substance managed to find its way into one of the most heavily guarded buildings in the world. While some Democrats have dismissed the issue, many Americans question the lax attitude displayed by mainstream media figures who downplayed the seriousness of the drugs discovered, suggesting that it was merely harmless fun. This incident adds to the growing list of criticisms against the Biden administration that mainstream media tends to overlook.

Johan Reijnders & Jordan Elliot Michael Reijnders Assaults Journalist Documenting Trans Rally – Fresno CA

Josh Fulfer of Oreo Express went to document the “Queer & Trans Youth Autonomy” Rally in Fresno Ca, on March 31st. The Rally was held on the corner of Blackstone and Nees in N/E Fresno. It didn’t take but a few minutes of filming before he was assaulted, blocked from documenting the event, and pushed out into the street multiple times from a pair of far left activists who have a history of trying to intimidate and harass folks that are christian or conservative. The video posted on Youtube & Rumble from March 31st shows the left wing agitators trying to block the camera, block his right to travel on a public sidewalk, as well as chest bumping him and assaulting him on numerous occasions. At one point while Josh was trying to document the event, one of the assaults caused some of Josh’s equipment to become unmounted, breaking a $140 battery. After about 30 minutes, a Fresno Police Officer driving by the protest, noticed what was going on, stopped and engaged with the parties. The officer called for back up and once the sergeant arrived on scene, he was informed of the details. The sergeant reviewed the Oreo Express footage and asked Josh if he would like to make a citizens arrest for P.C. 242 (Assault & Battery), which Josh did. The officers waited for the event to finish up before asking Josh to walk over to Johan & Jordan Reijnders and inform them that they were being placed under citizens arrest. Officers then put Johan & Jordan in the back of the police car and had Josh Sign the arresting citation.

Johan Reijnders pictured above

Jordan Reijnders pictured above.

Many might remember Johan and Jordan from the protest in Tower District where far left extremists were protesting Adventure Church every Sunday. For months, these 2 were out in front of Adventure Church harassing the congregates that were attending Sunday service, many times taking photos and video of the children entering and exiting the church. This was done in an attempt to get folks to stop showing up to the Sunday services at Adventure Church. They would also stand in front of the church continually repeating “God Bless Trans Gender Vets” . During this time, 3 of the folks that were part of their protest were also cited for assault. They also went to great lengths to cover their identity while harassing the christian church.

Stay tuned in the coming days. We will be doing a video as well.

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