Border Surge in July

The latest numbers from the southern border reveal a staggering reality of the Biden administration’s failed immigration policies. CBP sources have confirmed that a jaw-dropping 130,000+ migrants were encountered by Border Patrol alone last month. On top of that, an additional 50,000+ were encountered by CBP Officers at the ports of entry, bringing the total for July to a shocking 183,000+ encounters.

The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that there are currently over 17,000 migrants in CBP custody. These numbers are extremely alarming and demonstrate the complete inability of the Biden administration to effectively manage the border crisis.

What’s even more concerning is that these numbers come during the supposedly slower months due to the intense heat. One can only imagine the chaos that awaits as the temperature cools down and the migrant flow increases during the busier months.

This surge in migrant encounters highlights the failure of the Biden administration to handle the border crisis properly. Despite promises of a more compassionate and humane approach, the reality on the ground is far from it. The border situation is spiraling out of control, and the administration seems to be turning a blind eye to the consequences of their misguided policies.

This wave of illegal immigration not only poses a national security risk but also puts immense strain on border resources, facilities, and personnel. The CBP agents on the frontlines are facing an overwhelming challenge, and their efforts seem to be in vain as the administration lacks a coherent strategy to deal with the issue effectively.

The numbers from June showed a slight decrease in encounters, but that was evidently just a temporary respite. Now, in July, the encounter numbers have spiked again, making it clear that the administration’s approach is failing to deter illegal migration.

It is time for the Biden administration to take accountability for their actions and implement policies that protect the sovereignty and security of the United States. The border crisis requires urgent attention and a comprehensive strategy that addresses both the immediate challenges and the underlying issues causing this surge.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis is a clear failure, evident from the soaring number of migrant encounters and the overcrowded CBP facilities. Urgent action is needed to regain control of the situation and protect the interests of the nation.

Eagle Pass TX - July 20th