Van Guard School in Colorado Removes Child From Class For Having a Gadsden Flag Patch on Back Pack – Says Represents Slavery

In Colorado Springs, CO, a school has gained attention online for its recent decision to remove a student from class because of a Gadsden flag patch on their backpack. A video of the student and their mother in a meeting with a school administrator has been posted online, in which the mother, who has knowledge of American history, explains that the flag represents the American Revolution. The administrator, however, is not aware of the flag’s significance and identifies it as a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, citing school policy as a reason for removal.

Gadsden intended his flag as a warning to Britain not to violate the liberties of its American subjects. The flag has been described as the “most popular symbol of the American revolution.” Its design proclaims an assertive warning of vigilance and willingness to act in defense against coercion.