Mayor Eric Adams (New York City) Admits Illegal Immigration Is Destroying The City!

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has expressed deep concern over what he perceives as an ongoing and seemingly unending issue, stemming from the consequences of President Joe Biden’s open-border policies. During a recent town hall meeting, Mayor Adams voiced his apprehension, emphasizing that this predicament could potentially have catastrophic repercussions for the city he leads. He highlighted the alarming statistic that New York City is receiving an influx of more than 10,000 illegal aliens each month.

In a surprising twist, Mayor Adams, who has historically been a staunch advocate for immigrant rights and has consistently championed New York City as a sanctuary for all, pointed out the city’s dire financial straits. He revealed that the city faces a daunting $12 billion budget deficit, which will necessitate severe cutbacks across all public services. This shift in stance from Mayor Adams, previously known for his unwavering support for illegal immigration and his commitment to maintaining New York City as a sanctuary city, marks a significant departure from his previous positions.