California SB14 – Stop Child Trafficking Bill

After initially blocking a bill in California that aimed to classify child sex trafficking as a serious felony, the state’s Assembly Public Safety Committee was compelled to convene a special hearing and reconsider the legislation. Ultimately, the bill was successfully passed with a 6-0 vote, with two Democrats abstaining from voting. Following public and Democratic … Read more

Secret Service Gives Up Search On Suspect For Cocaine Found In White House.

The White House cocaine incident, which occurred 11 days ago, has left many perplexed as the investigation conducted by the secret service concluded without identifying the suspect. Given Hunter Biden’s well-known history of drug use, some have speculated that he may have been involved. This incident has raised concerns about how a controlled substance managed to find its way into one of the most heavily guarded buildings in the world. While some Democrats have dismissed the issue, many Americans question the lax attitude displayed by mainstream media figures who downplayed the seriousness of the drugs discovered, suggesting that it was merely harmless fun. This incident adds to the growing list of criticisms against the Biden administration that mainstream media tends to overlook.

Story Changes Regarding Location Of Cocaine Found In White House.

In the midst of a swirling controversy, the White House found itself entangled in a web of conflicting narratives that raised suspicions of a cover-up. Initial reports indicated that cocaine had been discovered in an area accessible to the public, casting doubts on the efficacy of security measures within the esteemed establishment. However, the story … Read more

Johan Reijnders & Jordan Elliot Michael Reijnders Assaults Journalist Documenting Trans Rally – Fresno CA

Josh Fulfer of Oreo Express went to document the “Queer & Trans Youth Autonomy” Rally in Fresno Ca, on March 31st. The Rally was held on the corner of Blackstone and Nees in N/E Fresno. It didn’t take but a few minutes of filming before he was assaulted, blocked from documenting the event, and pushed out into the street multiple times from a pair of far left activists who have a history of trying to intimidate and harass folks that are christian or conservative. The video posted on Youtube & Rumble from March 31st shows the left wing agitators trying to block the camera, block his right to travel on a public sidewalk, as well as chest bumping him and assaulting him on numerous occasions. At one point while Josh was trying to document the event, one of the assaults caused some of Josh’s equipment to become unmounted, breaking a $140 battery. After about 30 minutes, a Fresno Police Officer driving by the protest, noticed what was going on, stopped and engaged with the parties. The officer called for back up and once the sergeant arrived on scene, he was informed of the details. The sergeant reviewed the Oreo Express footage and asked Josh if he would like to make a citizens arrest for P.C. 242 (Assault & Battery), which Josh did. The officers waited for the event to finish up before asking Josh to walk over to Johan & Jordan Reijnders and inform them that they were being placed under citizens arrest. Officers then put Johan & Jordan in the back of the police car and had Josh Sign the arresting citation.

Johan Reijnders pictured above

Jordan Reijnders pictured above.

Many might remember Johan and Jordan from the protest in Tower District where far left extremists were protesting Adventure Church every Sunday. For months, these 2 were out in front of Adventure Church harassing the congregates that were attending Sunday service, many times taking photos and video of the children entering and exiting the church. This was done in an attempt to get folks to stop showing up to the Sunday services at Adventure Church. They would also stand in front of the church continually repeating “God Bless Trans Gender Vets” . During this time, 3 of the folks that were part of their protest were also cited for assault. They also went to great lengths to cover their identity while harassing the christian church.

Stay tuned in the coming days. We will be doing a video as well.

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Oreo Express Media Team